about Noriko Kinouchi
木之内憲子 きのうちのりこ
2013年よりCG作品をベースとし、After Effectsを使った動画の制作を始めました。
2017年 一般社団法人日本商環境デザイン協会正会員として加入。

アジアデジタルアート大賞展 2009 静止画部門入賞
アジアデジタルアート大賞展 2015,16 動画部門入賞
アジアデジタルアート大賞展 2017 動画部門大賞


—Artist Statement—
 The only way I can explain my work is as a manifestation, or an expression, of beauty. Beauty itself is no more or less than a pure state of energy that carries with it a natural vitality. At least, that is one way that I define the word. In an attempt to capture this beauty, I combine cutting edge technology with the expressive techniques of the past to create something beautiful, something that is both universal and like nothing that has ever been expressed before. My latest work is the result of these efforts. I use softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects not because they make the creation process easier, but because I am able to achieve finer detail than would be possible with paints. This work does not tell a story, rather, it aims to evoke the pulsation of the cells of which our bodies our made and the life force within them. I wanted to see how close the immaterial digital world could come to embodying a sense of vitality, and I feel that by setting this challenge for myself, I was able to take my work to a new level.
Noriko Kinouchi
Born in Kanagawa, Japan. Currently living in Tokyo.
2000 BA Tokyo University of the Arts. Major in oil painting.
2002 MFA Tokyo University of the Arts. Major in Japanese style
woodblock printmaking.
2004 Solo Show, the NORBULINGKA Tokyo
2005 Solo show, Art Front Gallery Tokyo
2012-14 Group Show,Agora gallery NYC
2015 Tokyo International Art Fair

2017 Solo show, Artifact, New York
20172017 Solo show, Kuramae4273 ,Tokyo
2017 Group show,Kuramae4273 ,Tokyo
2018 Video Installation at Matsuzakaya Department Store, Tokyo
2018 Queens Gallery Bankok 
2018 Volvo Studio Aoyama, Tokyo​​​​​​​

2001 Tosa Print Making Biennial Exhibition
2005 Tokyo Competition
2008 Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka graphic section
2015,2016 Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka animation section
2017 Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka animation section Grand Award

My kinetic artworks are featured at "Japanese Motion Graphic Creaters"

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